“Halfway Point” 4 Weeks Old

by | May 27, 2024 | Blog | 0 comments

Good evening! Busy day, but like I promised, “Blog” is up!!  

Puppies are 4 Weeks old. And “Wow” they are getting active! haha Super cute to watch, and listen to them figuring out their voices.  

Weaning process has begun, and more than likely pups will be on “mush / blended up dog food” independently starting next week.  

Week 6, week we have all been waiting for, you all will pick out your amazing puppy! This next week I will text you to schedule.  

Also, though we are only halfway through, we recommend getting things ready to go for the very special day when they arrive at their new home. Things we recommend:  

– kennel  

– cloth Pee Pads, not paper  

– a Bell for your door, so they can let you know when it is time to let them out to go potty  

– lots of potty bags  

– a Bag of Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy (even if you plan on changing it to something different, it is a process going from one food to the other)  

– chew toys (strong toys that will not tear apart and build up in their stomachs)  

– collar and id tag  

– bowls  

– paper towels and cleaning spray  

– a puppy bed that is non-chewable  

– check in for Puppy Classes ahead of time. Classes fill up super-fast and most have a few month wait period for available spots. Below is information on AKC’s Puppy Program I highly recommend: 


Note: You will receive a go home package with a lot of awesome stuff, in addition to things we recommend above.  

Next weeks photos (5 Weeks Old) will be individual photo shoots for each puppy by themselves, so you can see differences / similarities from one color collar to the next.

I will also provide weights of each pup as well.

Hope you had an amazing Holiday Weekend and a great rest of your week. Much respect to those who have gone before us to defend this great nation!  

Until next time, take care.


Goldens of California