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Congratulations once again on securing your amazing Purebred AKC Golden Retriever puppy!  Thank you for trusting Goldens of California in its entirety.   


Goldens of California was established a few years back with the goal of providing health tested purebred Golden Retriever pups to individuals and families with the primary mission of passing on the love and priceless memories we shared / share with Noah, Merlot, Elsa and the rest of our amazing Goldens, in the form of your very own ball of Pure Golden Retriever Puppy Love!  


Nestled within walking distance from Rollins Lake Grass Valley, CA on a fenced 3-acre lot, our Golden Retrievers have a very tough life. Lol They are blessed in so many ways; free roaming the land, chasing birds and deer together, playing in the snow, and most importantly visits to the lake.  Opportunities to stay in shape, athletic and the ability to continue expressing their adventurous nature.  


Schedule going forward: 


  • Week 6: Pick your Pup Week. Families will physically come pick out their puppies, or via facetime 
  • Week 8: Pick up your amazing new addition to your family! We offer free delivery anywhere in California if that is something you would be interested in 
  • Week 9 – 12, Leave Goldens of California a Review on Google. 😊 With tons of pictures of your adorable pup 



What does the Puppy come with?

  • AKC Purebred Paperwork 
  • Puppy is Microchipped with AKC Reunite Microchip and paid Registration  
  • 2-year Health Guarantee 
  • First Vaccination (7 Weeks) 
  • Nails Trimmed 
  • Fecal Test before leaving to new family  
  • Final Health Check 
  • Starter kit with a bunch of additional information to help you survive the first few months with a brand-new puppy lol 



Thank you for your time, feel free to contact me anytime, have a wonderful week, and we will talk soon! 



Goldens of California