Time to Meet the Fam!

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Good Evening!

So we have a final “Pick Your Puppy Schedule.”

Thank you to all the families for being flexible with scheduling, I tried my best to accommodate travel distance. Thanks again and look forward to meeting everyone.

What an exciting time. We are getting close and I hope everyone is ready! At the end of this post there are two diffent brands of Pee Pads I recommend, over paper pads. Also, the type of dog food your puppy has been on since departing from Momma Elsa, and will stay on until they leave for their furever homes. Also a feeding diagram that goes over how much to feed your adorable puppy. We will provide a small zip lock bag of this food for you to take home at pick up. Also, you do not have to stay with this food once your puppy is home with you. It is GREAT food, but it is expensive. So completely understand if you want to change to something else. With that, please follow the transitioning instructions provided in this link when changing foods:


Going forward I will not post photos of the pups here on the blog, though I will be taking professional photos of them every week.  As a special “thanks for being awesome” gift to you’ll, you will receive a thumb drive at pick up with TONS of photos of your specific puppy throughout this 8 week process. More than likely I will text each family individually with a few photos here and there of their puppy.

Unfortunately this will be the last “Blog” post as we transition our effort towards preparing your adorable puppy for its furever home. Focusing lots of time towards:

– Vet Final Health Checks

– Fecal Testing

– Vaccinations

– Microchipping

– Potty Training

– Puppy Socialization Time

– New Sounds and Smells

– Bath Times (Introduction to Water)

– Basic Kennel Training, etc.

Once we get through the “Pick Your Puppy Schedule,” we will start scheduling “Take Home” dates and times / accommodations. Like I mentioned before, we offer free delivery anywhere in California, which is a HUGE benefit to some, and something you would never find with another breeder. Not to boast or anything. lol

Whether you are picking up or having your adorable puppy dropped off, please make sure and have the remaining balance due in Cash. We really appreciate it. If you have questions about remaining amounts, feel free to text me.

Below you will also find pics of each puppy distinguished by collar color, plus their weight. Hope you enjoy. 

Whelp, that is all for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Look forward to meeting everyone. And see you all soon!


Goldens of California










 Aqua – 7.18 Lbs

Pink – 7.48 Lbs

Purple – 6.95 Lbs


Black – 7.52 Lbs

Green – 8.44 Lbs

Red – 7.67 Lbs

Blue – 4.88 Lbs

Gray – 7.34 Lbs